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M.S.M. can offer a wide variety of hardwood species, such as birch, oak, maple, ash, cherry and others. By using the highest quality raw materials and relying on a teamwork inspired working atmosphere, we are able to exceed our customer’s highest quality demands.



The manufacturing of custom chairs is one of our specialties. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment, we can fabricate chairs of exceptional quality, at competitive prices with a quick delivery time.



M.S.M. has the ability to produce tabletops in accordance with our customers’ specifications. The quality of the finish and the precision of the workmanship have contributed to our success.


Chair seats

M.S.M. produces wooden chair seats along with all of the components for pad seats. Again, our use of the latest technology allows us to offer constantly precise parts.



Stairs components and others

M.S.M. manufactures custom stairs components. We are able to match or design the hard to find stair components that you need.


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