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Custom products

M.S.M. manufactures custom products, following our customerís detailed specifications. Often times we are able to reproduce the most intricate pieces with just a sample or drawing.

Our equipments


Many types of equipment are at our disposal when preparing the raw material for your components. We have a state of the art rough-end to efficiently and precisely transform rough lumber to dimensional parts.


Computerized equipment

Our computer-aided machinery delivers high performance and unequalled precision. This allows M.S.M to reproduce the most complicated parts with very short lead-times. Our experience and expertise programming these complex machines has made us one of the most progressive companies in the wood component industry.

  5 axis
Our 5-axis CNC equipment allows us to manufacture the most difficult and complex pieces, all in a one step process.

  3 axis
Our computerized 3 axis machines enable us to produce highly precise table tops and other components. This machinery enables us to shape, drill and sand any profile.



We profile and sand our components with our 4-head shaper-sander. We use various shapers and linear profilers to produce a large array of legs for chairs and tables as well as many other components.



Our equipment makes tenons and sands all in one operation. It allows us to make complex pieces accurately at a high rate of speed.



M.S.M also owns a multiple mortiser that can produce 6 mortises at a time, on each side of a piece, with different lengths, depth and angles.


Seats sanding

Our sanding machine adapts to all seat forms, assuring a high finishing quality.



We employ many types of sanding equipment such as a 3 station-sanding machine as well as a variety of other machines that can be adapted to fit your specific needs.



M.S.M can assemble all of the components that we produce. Chair backs, fronts and sides are often assemble and packed together to facilitate transportation.



The expert packaging of our products reduces the risk of damage during transportation.




At M.S.M., our strict quality control programs assure our customers that their components are of the highest quality. We pride ourselves in our ability to surpass our customerís expectations.


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